Personalized Video Built Instantly to Your Spec
What’s Intuitive?


Intuitive dynamic video-automation builds personalized shopping experiences that instantly adapt to each consumer’s online preferences and behavior. Each Intuitive experience is unique and engaging, making big purchase decisions uncomplicated. Product configurations now result in narrative videos—not just static web pages.


Creating engaging shopping experiences tailored for each visitor.


Overcoming today’s short attention spans with video.


Making even big complex purchases uncomplicated.


“Intuitive Interaction”…it’s what you want and expect of all your online experiences. We're marketing-tech experts who understand how important video and personalization are for big-ticket purchases online…like automobiles and other complex products. Intuitive data-driven video renders tailored presentations on-the-fly, converting more sales by showing consumers exactly what they want.

  • 80% of all web traffic

    will be claimed by video this year. Video can increase conversion by over 80%. Audiences prefer audio-visual product presentations over static content 4-to-1. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

  • Shoppers lose interest

    spending time on impersonal text pages that don’t speak to specific product benefits they desire. They want clarification about features they’re interested in and have them narrated and explained…like a knowledgeable sales person who listens well. They want video customized to what they’re shopping for, and to socialize it to get feedback.

  • Intuitive merchandising strategies

    leverage data-driven, Smart Dynamic interactive presentations that allow you to understand consumer behavior within a video (unlike flat-file video). This scaled technology has created the next generation of product merchandising, which is personal and video

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